Tire Maintenance - It's Important For More Than Your Tires

Caring for your car tires is of great importance if you wish long life for these. Tires come between your car and the road. Tires carry the weight, the mass of the car and balance the car on the road. If your tires are not running smooth, your engine will work harder resulting in consumption of gasoline. Yes, well maintained tires can ensure better performance from your car and better fuel economy as a result. So what are the best ways of maintaining your car tires?

Maintain the right air pressure. Read the air pressure chart given in the door jam. Each vehicle has its optimum air pressure which must be maintained in order to balance your car in running condition. Maintaining air pressure below the desired level will cause wear and tear to you tire. The tires will drag on the road and overwork your engine. If you maintain a higher air pressure than is necessary for the tires then it may burst on high speed. So make sure that the tire pressure is checked regularly.

Wheel alignment is very important. Do not ignore that. Misaligned wheels will again wear off the tires in no time. The car will not run smoothly and will drag in one direction. Correct wheel alignment will ensure that the pressure on your engine is less and your car is well-balanced on the road.

Rotate the tires. Ideally in every six months you should rotate your car tires. Since the road conditions vary from one stretch to another, there is no guarantee on how your tire works at different sections of the road. Take the front tires to the back and bring the back tires to the front at regular intervals. Remove any material that may have punctured your tire. These days it is almost impossible to realize whether your tire has punctured because of the radial tire technology. So, regular inspection of the tires is advisable.

When your vehicle is in ideal condition for a long period ensure that it is parked inside or covered well. Heat damages tires. Also remember to check the tire pressure before you take your vehicle out for a long drive after an idle period. Air pressure decreases with time even if the car is not running for a while. Balance your tires correctly. Irregular balancing will cause vibration. On bad roads it is suggested that you drive slow to reduce wear and tear of the tires.

Keep an eye on the tread of your tire. That wears out too especially if the tires are not correctly balanced or are misaligned. If the tread of the tire wears off you will need to change the tires immediately. Remember wearing off of the tread of the tires can actually lead to misalignment of the wheels and compromise the balance of your car.

Keeping a tab on the above points is not that difficult. You can get all of these done if you get your car services regularly. To be safe on the roads, where you spend a considerable time, you need to be on safe tires.


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